Notre igloo est fini!

Voici l’igloo que nous avons construit.
Bon il est fait avec beaucoup de colles, et a une forme pas tout à fait attendue.
L’igloo a été construit par des CP de l’année 2015/2016. Toute l’école a participé pour donner les briques de laits aux CP.
Il est fabriqué avec des briques de lait recouvertes de papier blanc. Devinez en commentaire le nombre de briques de lait qui le constituent.

Invitation à paris

Bonjour, je vous invite à la dernière conférence à l’hotel de ville de Paris dans la salles des fêtes. Je vais parler à 12h20. Le programme est ci-dessous :  Inscription ci-dessous :

You are invited to the following event:
Event to be held at the following time, date, and location:

Wednesday, September 7, 2016 from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM (CEST)

Hôtel de Ville
Place de l’Hôtel de Ville
75004 Paris
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Five by Five
In partnership with Convergences and the City of Paris
Invite you to the Hôtel de Ville

For the Paris Summer Innovation Fellowship’s open door conference.

In July 2016, Five by Five gathered 20 fellows from across the globe and gave them access to world-class mentors, funding, working space and access to specialized equipment—all to start prototyping the change they want to see in Paris. Come meet your new breed of city problem-solvers: data scientists, urban designers, makers and engineers. Discover their projects, their stories and their plans for a brighter future.

This event also features the unveiling of « The Utopian Propagation Project » an installation piece by internationally acclaimed photographer, Kevin Abosch, inspired by the mission of the Paris Summer Innovation Fellowship.

As part of Convergences’ Inno Patio, the doors of the Hôtel de Ville will be wide open for this special occasion. Space is limited and we encourage you to register soon. Also, due to heightened security measures under Vigipirate, all attendees are required to fill in all fields of this RSVP form and bring an official form of identification with them to the event.

If you’re hungry for even more, you’re invited to discover Convergences in its entirety by signing up for the 3-day experience here:




Welcoming remarks

Emilie Poisson, Director of Convergences

Jean-Baptiste Roger, Director, La Fonderie


Opening keynote: Five things we learned at the Paris Summer Innovation Fellowship

Kat Borlongan, Founding Partner at Five by Five + Founder of the Paris Summer Innovation Fellowship


Unveiling: The Utopian Propagation Project

Kevin Abosch, Artist



Round table: Beyond the buzzwords and gadgets: Civic innovation at a city level  

Eyal Feder-Levy, Paris Summer Innovation Fellow 2016

Claire Foulquier-Gazagnes, Head of Policy, Etalab

moderated by: Kat Borlongan, Founding Partner, Five by Five


Stories of data science for social good

Presented by Frédéric Bardolle, CTO at Data for Good + Lead Data Science Mentor, Paris Summer Innovation Fellowship

Jacob Monteil, Paris Summer Innovation Fellow 2016

Peter Martigny, Paris Summer Innovation Fellow 2016

Eric Pommereau, Paris Summer Innovation Fellow 2016

— Intermission: 10minutes —



Video: Guerrilla swing project or how to create spaces of play

Patrick McDonnell, Paris Summer Innovation Fellow 2016


Round table: Urban hacking or how to reappropriate the city

Mathilde Berchon, General Manager of Techshop and Lead DIY Urbanism Mentor, Paris Summer Innovation Fellowship

Romain Crabos, Paris Summer Innovation Fellowship

Moderated by: Chloé Bonnet, Founding Partner, Five by Five


Outfitting a Tiny House for Refugees

Romain Minod, Director of Quatorze, Paris Summer Innovation Fellow 2016


Short video + Fireside chat

Eva Corot, Robotics prodigy, Paris Summer Innovation Fellow 2016

Interviewed by Barbara Belvisi, President of the Hardware Club



Concluding remarks

Bertrand Barthelemy, CEO, Parkeon

Jean-Philippe Clément, Smart City Officer, City of Paris
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We hope you can make it!




Mon film 12

Voici COROTBOT qui dessine à la craie sur les rues.
Here COROTBOT who draws with chalk on the streets.

J’ai construit COROBOT sur Tinkercad puis à TechShop, j’ai imprimé en 3D
I built on COROBOT with Tinkercad then, I printed the 3D parts at TechShop.


Pendant Paris Summer Innovation Fellowship beaucoup de personnes m’ont aidé :
In Paris Summer Innovation Fellowship many people helped me:

Renaud de Eventbrite pour coller les roues ,
Renaud of Eventbrite to glue the wheel renaut

Niels à Techshop pour  l’électronique et mettre le nouvel axe,
Niels to TechShop for electronics and put the new axis,Niels

Kat de Five by Five pour l’organisation et Barbara de Hardware club pour les discussions passionantes sur la robotique.
Kat Five by Five for the organization and Barbara of Hardware club for exciting ideas discussions on robotics.
postit barbara-hardware

Beaucoup de personnes m’ont dessiné plein de dessins pour COROTBOT.
Many people draw me full of drawings for COROTBOT.dessins

Suite au prochain épisode. To be continued.